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What is Platitude Marketing?

Platitudes are meaningless or prosaic statements that are presented as if they were significant and original. They are words or phrases that are so commonplace and predictable due to overuse and repetition that they lack the power to evoke any interest at all.

When it comes to marketing, building trust, and developing meaningful one on one relationships with each of your clients you want to avoid platitudes at all cost. Common platitudes in the mortgage industry include statements like:

Guaranteed lowest rates
Very Best Service
Knowledgeable help
Most professional
Most experience
Available 24/7
The list goes on and on…

All of these statements are things a client should automatically expect. They certainly don’t differentiate you. Sadly we see this style of marketing all the time. A good example is the real estate industry. How many fridge magnets, calendars and “free home evaluation” post cards do you get each year? These items simply don’t motivate anyone to pick up the phone and call.

Typical Platitude Marketing Campaigns for Mortgage Agents Include:

Generic Calendars
Fridge Magnets
Newsletters with Recipes
Generic Post Cards
Rate Sheets and Market Notices …

These are all items commonly sent out that have minimal effect and create little interest.

How is Axiom different?

At Axiom we have developed unique marketing campaigns. We keep in mind the psychology of selling and how to add true value to a client’s overall mortgage experience. Our focus is to build loyal repeat customers, one at a time. In addition, we want each of these customers to consistently refer our services to their friends and family. We do this by asking for their referral business in a very targeted way and always with a touch of class. For our agents, this process is initiated with the touch of a button and runs virtually on auto pilot for the life of the mortgage.

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